Monday, 19 December 2011

Round Up of 2011 and Big Thanks!

2011, has very much been about getting pottery things in place and learning as much as i can about the pots i want to make... most of it from the incredible potter's blogs out there. Thank you all for regularly posting about your methods, processes and thoughts, they have been invaluable... and i know I have some folk to go to in my times of pottery need. Biggest thanks go to Matt  (that's Grimmitt for those of you not up to speed!), for both just being there whenever i have a question and also giving me so much information so freely, when i know he's had to figure a lot of it out for himself! A top man and great potter... "thanks Matt!". Also Ron and Tracey, Stateside, for always checking in and supporting, no matter how amateur my piece!.. and not forgetting Doug Fitch for helping kick off my pot making by stumbling upon his blog and following it for a year (and working back through his entire blog history... every post.), before thinking pottery was something i should actually do. Doug if you happen to see this, don't stop blogging and thanks for all your shared pots and knowledge.
Anyway, It will be interesting to see what 2012 brings (well, we host the Olympics for one, so expect some Olympic pots!.. not your traditional souvenir junk i'm guessing.)
Thanks to everyone who has ever commented or continues to do so... you folks know who you are.
I'm very fortunate to have you all hovering behind me.

If it seems like i hardly mention Illustration on this blog it's because i don't! I've explained why in previous posts.... not wishing to upset clients, waiting until work has been published, not being able to give too much away etc. Also I'm living it all the time and so this blog gives me some space for my pottery thoughts. Don't get me wrong, i could write some epic posts on the good and the bad of this industry... but why would i do that?... and who would want to read it?? I did have a thought of eventually splitting off into a purely pottery blog, but this one seems to be doing a pretty good job!


  1. Your pieces don't look amateur to me, have a nice holiday.

  2. Thanks Linda... you were one of the ones who "know who they are"!
    I was having a think about getting your tiles to stand, i had half a thought but want to test it on something a bit weighty first!

    Here's to a 2012 of happy blogging and hopefully increased fortunes!!

  3. You have a great year ahead of you for making pots! Lots of brilliant ideas and now the tools to get them made! As they say here in the south
    "git 'er done" haha! I really enjoy your blog and have loved seeing your progression with your ideas. you are very inspiring!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! I envy you having small kids for Christmas, it's such a magical time for little guys!

  4. Hey Scott, here's to 2012 and more pots to be made!! I enjoy seeing what you are doing with your pots and your illustration work also. Love that snowball!

  5. Keep it up and fire up some pots- I want to see a pottery meltdown in 2012!