Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Country Pots

I found this beauty just before Christmas, so i treated myself to it, a present for myself. Yep, treated myself and spent all £12 of my own money! I know, i couldn't believe it either. I even had the cheek to knock it down from £15, well it did have a crack! I love this pot, the shape is just beautiful.
The one thing i don't know is where it's from. I'd love to be able to figure it out... if anyone can help, please let me know. The bottom picture shows the roulette around the pot where the glaze ends, there are also two bands of the same roulette just below the rim. It's about 42cm tall and 30cm wide. It's a proper pot. Love it. It's the first real, country working pot that i have. I never see many around down here, it just tends to be pancheons that folk want way too much money for, or old little flower pots.

Oh... and Happy New Year to you all! I've been off the radar for Christmas, but i have been following all your blogs, i shall have to get back into the swing of it and post some comments. I also need to make some pots soon. My inlaid slip experiment didn't quite work out, I'll get some pictures up soon. I had 'issues' with trapped air bubbles, as i scratched back they revealed themselves, leaving empty indents.
It surely is a learning curve! going to put in some time on the wheel too, that really needs some focus this year. 


  1. pottery sketchbook, might be up your street

  2. That's a beauty. Love those handles. I have no idea who made it though. I'm sure you'll get some folks chiming in.

  3. Thanks Andy, that was good... drawing and pottery, what's not to like?

    Hey Ron, i may have to contact Doug about this one. Matt and I have tried to narrow it down, Matt might figure it out.