Friday, 27 January 2012

Tools Of The Trade

God, i find January a tough month. Always have. Getting work done, combined with the usual blue moods, add a mind full of ideas and projects, formed over a Christmas break, plus the opportunity to review my work in general... how i make it, what i make it with etc etc... throw in bouts of family sickness ... boy, now i know why i feel all over the place, spinning wildly. Plus I've just started a possible animation ball rolling. I was hoping Feb would settle me down, but that's already looking fairly chaotic... and I'm moving studio during it. More of that later! Well, that explains my lack of blog activity!!
Here are just a couple of shots i snapped today, my tools of the trade. A pencil, eraser, pen and paper is all i really need. The top half are vital tools, the bottom batch are extras that come in handy. The other is my preferred notebook.. NOT sketchbook, those are separate. I'll cover them next week. These just have mutterings, shopping lists, day's chores, meter readings etc. I'll get some inside shots next week as well.
Have a good weekend!


  1. I thought I left you a comment here yesterday. ?
    Anyhow, love seeing these photos. Always neat to know what others use for their work. And I'm always esp. curious to see what pens are in use.

    Look forward to a post on the sketchbooks.

    The move and the animation thing sound exciting. Good luck, I'm sure the move will be a big job.

  2. Mint. You must buy them from the same shop right? They all have the price tag in the same place...
    I bet you could create a whole website just on whats in them Scott... Are we going to see inside the famous red Garrett jotters? You cant just show us the covers....!