Friday, 13 January 2012

Family Paper Cut

Meet the family... well, kind of. I wouldn't say they are exact portraits!.. but there's something of all of us in there. It was a quick burst from my memory bank to create the paper shapes. Oh, and our eyes do actually open! it was just me being lazy. Sometimes with these things i lay them all out and get it 'right', but in the process of removing and sticking, bits drift and it's amazing how a slight tilt or angle can change everything. This was another of my gifts for Jakki.... lucky girl!! she was happy though.


  1. Tracey, i would love to do one for you... if you really do want one. Email me some pics to save me trawling back through your blog and I'll give it a go. Remember... close approximations not photographic likenesses!!
    It'd be fun, I'd like to do you guys... maybe even your little studio in the background. Nice.

  2. Scott, this is so fun. You all look fab!

  3. This is absolutely fabulous, Scott! What a special piece to display!
    Barry (Falls) was showing me your great blog earlier. I'm a new follower.