Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Salvation Mountains

As i already posted, I made a couple of prints for Jakki of the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain for Christmas. While i was finishing them we found out that the mountain's creator, Leonard Knight, had been taken into a care home and the future of the Mountain is now at risk. "There's a coincidence" i thought. Anyway then i open my presents Christmas morning and get this from jakki. She thought "that's a coincidence" too! funny. The Mountain must have been on both our minds in the run up to Christmas. It's great and i know the stress she went through trying to make it, bless her. It never got totally completed in time, but it doesn't matter to me... made by loving hands is always going to be good. They have all now been added to our kitchen walls.

Jakki's lovely paper mountain
my version

other kitchen bits


  1. These are such very special gifts!, both of them are so great! I went over and read the story about the mountain, wouldn't he be a fun person to know? Too bad he won't be able to care for the place any longer.... I bet he would love your illustrations of his mountain!

  2. Really love Jakki's paper mountain, it looks good unfinished and your Salton Sea print (think her colours are rubbing off on you). Hope you put it in your shop! X

  3. Wow totally cool. I love it and I love all the color and fun in your kitchen.