Friday, 6 January 2012

Salton Sea Map

I posted a while back about wanting to create an illustrated map and speculated that i might do the Salton Sea. Well I did and ended up personalising it to cover our trip we made around the 'Sea' and in doing so added a present to Jakki's Christmas haul. I enjoyed the process, even if it did take longer than it looks!
I then decided i liked the little Salvation Mountain, so made that into a separate print. There's more to this whole story and hopefully I'll get around to posting it soon... need to take a photo first. For now though i thought I'd share my art.


  1. I've been there, love your art so cool and captures the place really well, that mountain is something else too. Ha.

  2. Hi Linda

    We learnt before Christmas that Leonard is now in a care home and the future of the mountain is in doubt. It will probably just be left to fade back into the desert. Sad, but if he's not making/painting it, the best you could do is freeze it and maintain it as it is. After all, we can't keep Leonard forever either.

  3. Wow, really nice Scott. I love the map and all the elements of it. The Mountain is great, I would love to go there. Too bad to hear about Leonard.