Monday, 5 November 2012

All In The Background

... Lots of stuff going on here, but all in the background.. nothing solid i can put up here. I have a couple of local sales coming up, so I'm sorting prints and cards for those. I'm also sorting out a small joint exhibition in a local gallery, so my heads buzzing with things i can make and sell for that. It's been good for me to think about getting my work together for these and I've a few things I'm developing for them that i can sell, couple of different formats. Even thinking of names for the exhibition has kicked off a new line of thought for a possible project/prints. I'm trying to get some T-Shirts sorted out to sell too, so i can apply my designs/slogans etc to them, very simple, very graphic, i like them. On top of this i have my illustration work that needs doing... and It's been school half term, so we went visiting family.. and now I'm working at home as there's an "inset day"( another teachers day off.. the week just wasn't enough!). I also fired a bisc load yesterday to a lower temp than the last one, going to see how that works with the glaze. I'll then fire that as soon as... and then see if i need to tweak the glaze firing temps. I think i can tweak the glaze temps by adjusting the mini cone position on the kiln sitter pins. I read it somewhere and it makes sense. The cone issue was bugging me (and the local suppliers were pretty useless at offering advice) but i went to the internet and finally got a handle on it, i should be able to get pretty near the temps i want. Some confusion was over standard cones and mini cones(for the kiln sitter) being one number out, to allow for the smaller cone melting that bit earlier/lower. Anyway I'll see how it goes. I've also added more iron oxide to my glaze, so it's not so pale. Like i said, there's a lot going on in the background! I'll have some pictures of something soon. maybe a preview of my Christmas card this year.... maybe.


  1. Hey, Sounds like you have quite a bit going on. Good luck with it all, esp. the firing. It will be good for you to get that dialed in so you can proceed with wild abandon! :)

    1. Ha tell me about it Ron! I just want it all in place now, so i can crack on with the creating bit, but no point until i nail this glaze/kiln combo. Fingers crossed. Then I'll still have issues about the colours not being what i really want etc etc. It will be nice to just set up some kind of making/firing cycle though. Having said that I'm now sat here setting up an online T-shirt shop!! i just need to turn my designs into vectors (just!), but someone in the studio has offered to do that. If it goes ok I'll let you know and you can get more of your designs on tees too!!