Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My T-Shirts Now Available!

I've just opened a new T-Shirt shop, 'GarrettWear'.. which i hope will be successful, so pop on over and have a look around (and then buy one). It's mainly typographic at the moment and quite restrained, i don't really wear T-shirts with big all-over-the-front designs. I like them simple. I will be adding other designs (open to suggestions) and maybe tweaking the colour options of the designs available. The designs aren't restricted to the t-shirt colour shown, you can pick your own Tee colour, but the designs don't show up very well on certain colours. There are also a couple of tote bags and i may add other product along the way. Firstly lets see if anyone wants a T-shirt. Let me know what you think (and that should be easier to do now since changing my blog comment settings, give it a try, say "hello")

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