Saturday, 6 July 2013

Call To Action - Brad Kittel

Have a watch of this little call-to-action by Brad Kittel, i like what he is talking about. I'm one of the generations that needs to learn these skills! Brad is the man behind Tiny Texas Houses (and Pure Salvage Living). Tiny Texas Houses is a real favourite of mine. Look at the beautiful, small homes they make out of salvaged materials. You could feel good about living in one of these and they're very beautiful too. Recently there seems to be a development to their tiny houses, a social experiment, Tiny Texas Territories. There will be an amphitheatre with stage area surrounded by a moat, with bridge access for bands... cool! This seems to be the starting point for a new community of tiny home villages, with a regular market place where barter is encouraged. I like the sound of that, the idea of scaling down living space and costs, but having more communal areas and resources seems like something that can work. You need more space, but just not all the time! Anyway, go and explore and keep up to date with them on facebook, always a great stream of pictures and builds.

What a beauty! and that little balcony detail!

Beautiful hand crafted interior, love the incorporated antler horn

Amphitheatre site in glorious light

the moat taking shape
The man himself- Brad Kittel

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