Thursday, 18 July 2013

Paddle Time!

Finally got myself out on the sea in a kayak on Tues evening. It was gloriously warm and the sea was incredible still and clear. I only rolled it twice! ha. The second time was intentionally though... and worse for it! It was good to get myself out on the water, but frustrating that i spent most of it drifting in circles, even when paddling madly on one side to correct it... i'm blaming it on the amount of drift out there ; ) Apparently it was quite strong for the relative calmness of the water. Anyway, that initial barrier has been overcome, i had a great time, now to see where it goes (I went to the local club, but i'm not very good at doing the club thing, the feeling obliged to turn up regularly, that's a sure way to stop me doing something!) Onwards!

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