Thursday, 5 September 2013

Little Slipware Face Cups

These were made a while back now, part of my throwing practice (better, but still pretty bad). Thought I may as well take them through a couple more phases and see if they ever make it through! They're purposely simple and a little sloppy, spirit not perfection. I don't spend too much time on stuff I'll only wreck with glaze and fire! Problem is I've grown attached to them sitting on the shelf watching me. I want to be able to use at least one! Gah!...pottery! I love it, but its not being good to me. It doesn't know that I never give up (yet!), but it will learn.

This is my favourite messy little face cup


  1. LOVE them! Ihope you can figure this glaze thing out, your pottery has wonderful personality and originality, you could have a successful etsy shop if you get all the stars lining up!

  2. I love those. I hope they ALL make it through the glaze kiln.

  3. Thanks you two. We seem to have been having this same conversation for about 2 years now! I really just can't get past this final block. I'm going to start from scratch i think. New clay, make new glaze get my kiln converted and see where it all goes. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this has all been. All those pots i could have made. Arrgghh. I'm really feeling the clay urge again though, so it's not a passing fad!

    Ron, I hope you get to make it over to the UK, all the kilns you want to see are a way away from me though. You could definitely find a smart way to fund that.

  4. Keep these guys. There's something neat about that group of little faces.