Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wooden Garden Owl

I made this recently for my garden. I felt I needed something there to look back at me through our kitchen window. He's made of various bits and pieces. The metal bits came from a nasty plastic carriage clock , which I used the 'glass' dome for back here on this little party animal. Hat's an egg cup and a coaster. Head's a salt pot. Wings are a couple of wooden serving forks. The beautiful wooden post (shame i didn't get more of it in!) was brought down by my dad, he thought I might find a use for it. I plan to make a smaller bird buddy to go next to him at some point. I hope to get much more art outside next year, it cheers the place up!


  1. Love it! I could do with something like him in my tiny garden.

  2. Then you'd better get your screws out jonathan!... i just like to gather bits and slowly things start to form themselves. I'm struggling with solid ways of fixing things outside, my usual strong glues don't weather well out there. This one has lots of well concealed screws. I want to use old ceramics, but i can't figure out the best way of bonding them outside.
    Go make something, it doesn't have to be amazing, just full of charm... though yours, i'm sure, would be Amazing!!
    Thanks Jonathan.