Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Growing Power and the Transition Network

I know all this stuff isn't about pots or my art/illustration, but it is where my head is at these days and so it's going up here on GarrettLife. Hopefully someone will find it interesting too. It's a time for me to start thinking about doing stuff. Thinking more about how i can change things and how i can help build something within my community. (Forget Big Government, they don't really want practical solutions that work for us on small local levels. Mainly they want quick fix patches and short term thinking... whatever will get them another term. Why do they want to do all the work for something that will pay off in 10 years, when they won't get the plaudits). Anyway, it's about individuals and what we can do locally. Take control of our own little worlds. Problem is I'm absolutely shit at doing just that!! I'm hoping i can over-power myself by reading/watching others that can! almost brainwash myself into being someone that 'Does'.  I'm thinking of rounding up a few local dads that occasionally (very occasionally!) grab a few beers together and see if we can't start on something within the local community. The Boys Of Bohemia should be able to come up with something. I'll keep you posted. For now check out this inspiring guy, Will Allen and find out more about his project Growing Power. I'm also finding some fascinating things going on in the Transition Network and on Rob Hopkins blog there. I'm working my way through Rob's book "The Power Of Just Doing Stuff" too... along with this book by John-Paul Flintoff, How To Change The World. I used to illustrate John-Paul's column for the FT mag many years ago, working with the fantastic Gary Cook, great designer and now also running Hackney Tools.. dealing in all kinds of wonderful old woodworkers hand tools. Like i say, this is the world i find myself drawn to at the moment... which is odd if you know me, because i am not a practical, do-stuff guy... i doodle, i draw... but maybe i can apply that to changing stuff?... anyone need a placard?! As Gandhi once said "Be the change..."

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