Friday, 18 October 2013

Jason Jam- Pumpkin Carver Extraordinaire

It's that time of year again, get your pumpkins out! Thought I'd share with you the fantastic work of a friend of ours over in the States, Jason Jam. Yeah, not the usual eyes and mouth holes! America does Halloween a little (quite a lot) better than we do. If I left these out on our front steps, some kid (or drunk) would just come along and smash it in... or just take it, hmmph. If you live locally to Jason (Billings, Montana) you can even get Jason to carve you one, or get him to do a demonstration. He also does this level of work in snow! I've seen some amazing man-sized heads, beats your average snowman! I'll now leave his work to do the talking. You can go here to check out his cartoons , or head over to his main site Jam Comics.

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