Monday, 4 November 2013

Family Tree Lampshade

I started this way, way back... and i need to get it finished! I really enjoyed just working my way around it. I do like to work freely with lettering like this. I've mainly got Jakki's side to fill up, i'm waiting for the info. Have to figure out how far i take it once it's done. It might go on a tall standard lamp... and i'm thinking it might be nice to incorporate family objects onto the stand, tie objects on, hang little pictures etc, kids baby shoes tied or nailed on.... Or it might go on this lamp base i made, if i ever get it glazed and fired... and it survives, it has a family message on the back. Anyway, I'll see once i get this shade finished. I want to get hold of some more of these old and yellowed paper shades. I've been pretty slack on this blog lately, far too busy drawing, drawing and more drawing but i miss getting things together and out  there to share. It's a tough one to balance. This will have to fill a gap. Oh, the red chair it's on is part of a hairdressers dryer bank that we rescued from a closing down salon, minus the dryers. There's a row of 4 that live in the lounge, with ashtrays in the arm rests.

bit of detail, i should have put my bank account and PIN number on it too!

going back a few generations, i knew Charles briefly.

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