Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Mate Mark, A New Blogger

from left: My friend and neighbour Steve, Blogger Mark and me
at the Smugglers, family festival in the summer
... i was in need of a trim at the time! ...still am!
Thought I'd take a moment to introduce anyone interested to my friend (the one in the middle) Mark's new blog, His Own Two Feet. It will be worth a follow as Mark has far more interesting things to discuss than i do here! Mark's a gardener and knows his stuff, but now wants to take his permaculture interests further. He'll be working on his whole garden plot and blogging about that and many other cool things as he becomes more self-reliant. I'm sure you'll soon start to feel his character coming off the screen and i think we'll all pick up some useful tips and knowledge. Welcome Marky!


  1. cute bunch there, now if I were single and about 20 years younger..... lol

  2. Haha! that made me laugh. Well, i think our ladies would all take Gerry, so that's that sorted!
    I'm not sure about 20 years younger either, i'm fairly sure you're looking younger than us these days! I am the old man of that guy pack though.