Friday, 6 December 2013

Jonathan Wilson

Went to see Jonathan Wilson at the Dome in Brighton on Tuesday night with Jakki  (boy it's not easy getting us both out at the same time for a night out!). Anyway, we got there eventually and what a great band and gig. Always nice when the live show doesn't just sound like the album. These guys were amazing live and Jonathan Wilson is a fantastic guitarist, they really cranked it up a few notches, heaven! It was the sound of the Californian desert, we were happy. So many of the tracks just sound like classics already and they just worked through so many from both albums, Gentle Spirit and the new album Fanfare. "No time for small talk..." and that was fine by me. I recommend going to see him live if you get the chance. Lots of CSNY touches all over this new album ( well it does feature Crosby & Nash on it!). Great slabs of Neil young guitar, Zuma comes to mind. A good dash of Dennis Wilson's spirit too, hic! so, you know, I like it : ) and at over 7 mins Dear Friend, is a good place for you to start loving Jonathan... if you don't already! (not sure about this video though, hmm. Listen to this and imagine the full volume live workout... Brilliant! (Good tour t-shirt too).

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