Monday, 16 December 2013

Meet On The Edge?

"We bump up against each other all the time - on the school run, the commute, at work and in the pub, but generally we choose our clans and stick to them. To know your neighbours and community whether they are 40 years older or younger, or the crazy cat lady down the road, is one more way to give you the contentment  and security of togetherness, a way of fighting loneliness and isolation, both yours and others..Value your edge and reap the benefits!"

There was a lovely and thought provoking post over on my mates Mark's blog, His Own Two Feet,  last week and it's well worth a read if you haven't. The post introduces us to The Edge, in a variety of ways. Mark's got all the right ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing him carry them out (and hopefully get involved with some). 

How are your edges?

.... just for the hell of it.... Ledge/Edge.... and because i love a bit of Fairport!

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