Friday, 28 February 2014

The Bear's Progress

Been making good progress on this Straw Bear(?) glove puppet character, two evenings so far and it's nearly done. I don't like to hang around once i start making things... bish...bash... bosh.

I made really simple hands, even simpler than the Earl of Rone's, just a couple of balsa wood rectangles with bamboo skewer fingers pushed in and secured with a dribble of glue. They then had a little row of clipped raffia stuck on and were hot glued into place.

He's good when in action as the straw moves and shakes, adding an extra bit of motion. For some reason he's gained a nervous tremble when i operate him, it must be in his character.... terrified of the prospect of ignition!

I've now fleshed out his body a bit, securing the raffia strips around the neck and tying them down. I need to sew the rope to his body now to hold it in place. I'll then stuff a few extra bits of straw in. His sleeves also have some extra straw hot glued on and they need tying. Then it'll pretty much be done, i've picked up my £1 mug tree to convert into his stand and then he'll be able to join the Earl, maybe not on the mantlepiece though, he's a bit bigger... and messier.... my studio floor looks like a stable! I love making stuff!!

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