Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Here are some very simple puppets that my big sister gave me a few years ago (she was going to throw them out, but wondered if i might like them... how long has she known me??) Clive had posted one very similar, in terms of simple construction, but i can't seem to find his post on the Artlog to link to, maybe i imagined it? (help me out Clive!). Only the arms are moved by two strings, but there's still loads of character and expression achievable. Are they from a particular story? and what Nationality? I can take a ball park guess in terms of East European, but if anyone can speculate more i'm happy to hear about it. Anyway, i like them. They hang on my home studio door... next to that little mirror that says "This Is Not You"on it .... and it's not  : )


  1. These are beautiful. What a shame it would have been to throw them out!

  2. I think they're Czech. The heads and hands will be made of 'composition', and the legs and feet of wood. These little sets tend to be of generic characters: King, Queen, Grandmother, Princess, Witch etc. Often a traditional 'joker/trickster' like the figure on the left of the second image down.

    I've made a couple Puppet-Challenge-Catch-Up pages at the Artlog, with all of the items Peter and I have have produced over the past months. If you go to this link:


    … click on 'Czech Puppet Maker Bara Hubena' to see the simple Czech puppets you recall.

    Peter's Puppet Challenge posts may be found here: