Friday, 7 March 2014

Philbeckian Delivery

Always nice to get a box of goodies! I recently bought a small batch of pots from fellow blogger, great potter and good guy, Ron Philbeck. They arrived yesterday and I'm always excited when unpacking. Pictures never do physical things true justice, just like looking at art in books and not in the flesh. This is the mug that started my mini shopping spree, i knew it belonged to me as soon as i saw it... it's a very 'me' mug. I love it!! Couldn't wait to get some coffee in it. 
If you don't eat off, or drink from something made by someone's hands with skill, thought and passion, then you are truly missing out on a very basic pleasure. You buy a mass produced mug and roll it over in your palm and what does it give you? Nothing. I hold these and i can follow the process of their very construction, how the handle was fixed, which way it was held to be dipped in the slip, the order the lines were trailed on. Then you have all the visual stuff, the variations in the glaze, the bleed of the oxides, the marks of fingertips. I often sit holding an empty warm cup in my hands for some time, following the ridges, finding little bumps and hollows. Find a potter you love and buy a pot. Please.

Ooooh, i wonder what's inside this packaging?
....THIS! it's a fantastic plate, i shall be eating off of it for the foreseeable future!

I also bought a great pasta bowl and a Yunomi with lots of lovely slip. Sorry i didn't get better photos of them all.

 Here's a better shot of the Yunomi that Ron had sent me, when looking at possible purchases. It got it's first run-out last night, great cup.

They will all be suffering from plenty of wear and tear, just how it should be. Art and function.

Thanks Ron!

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