Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Signal Box Studios...Homes?

I've always passed railway signal boxes while travelling on trains and thought what great studios they would make. They often have that nice solid brick construction on ground level and then the wood and all those windows on the upper section. I'd have all the heavy, messy, clay stuff downstairs and a bright open area for computers, paint, paper and whatever else upstairs. They also seem like a great template for a small home, especially these days with the growing interest in the tiny home movement, reducing bills, debts and the crap we consume. I'd happily have a bedroom and bathroom downstairs and a bright open kitchen, lounge area upstairs (not that i know if that would be a practical set-up, i know the kitchen/bathroom is mostly back to back... but hey, i'm just playing creative games... not building my family home!) Anyway just a thought. They're great little buildings, thought i'd share a few.

These last two i would definitely put in the 'great studio space' category, yep even this all brick monster below. I'd love it, you wouldn't see me for weeks! ps I know that some folk already have these as workshop/studios and homes. It's not an original thought : )

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