Friday, 28 March 2014


I'm moving forward again. I followed a path. I was looking into controllers for my kiln, so I can convert it to a digital set up, when i saw one on ebay and the seller was right here in Hastings. Then i decided to look at electric wheels for the first time in ages and i saw one being sold by the same guy. I could just pop down the road to pick it up, so I bought it! (i didn't buy the controller, i need to swot up a bit more on that for now). It's a Roderveld max.30 and is in good condition... the Shimpo will have to wait ; )  I don't know why the seller didn't just spend 20 mins cleaning it down a bit better for the photo though, it was pretty mint underneath and you never know people might even pay more!

It seemed a bit extravagant and optimistic to be buying a wheel considering the lack of pot action going on here, but I'm hoping it will move me forward... quicker! It's hard enough trying to teach yourself how to throw a pot without having to remember to keep it spinning! My kick wheels don't have a lot of weight for good momentum anyhow. I'm sure a good leach wheel is a different thing. Anyway it's a step towards getting it all going again and overcoming the problems that kinda froze me in my tracks. Well, those and the fact I've been flat out busy for the last year. I still love to make pots... so maybe I should! That f'ing kiln is the real key though. If I can get them coming out as functioning pots then I know I'll hit the accelerator hard, as all the possibilities start to become realities. I've been my own worst enemy... i AM my own worst enemy!... I'm pretty uncomfortable asking anyone for help, advice or favours. I just can't impose myself on others time. I just create magnificent barriers for myself instead! Then waste far to much time struggling to get over them... alone! I don't give up, but I sure make life hard for myself. Do you massively annoy yourself too, or is it just me?! Fucking hell i annoy myself : )
This wheel makes me happy though.


  1. Hi Scott

    I can totally relate to that and I am my own worst critic. That's why I never took up the guitar because I would say to myself that I sound rubbish and that's why when i produce a pot and folk say its nice I tell why it isn't .


  2. Hey Adam, thanks for stopping by and adding a comment.. it's been getting a bit quiet around here lately, i think facebook is taking over!
    I'm the same with my work, can't take a compliment... i just tell them what's shit about it too. How can we change? Love to see a pot, got a website etc (name?). Maybe you should take up the guitar now... i have a good friend that does lessons via skype, don't even need to leave the house (like thats a good thing ; )