Monday, 31 March 2014

Road Atlas - A Project?

Yeah, like i need any more projects to work on!!

I picked this up in a charity shop today, nothing super spectacular, but i liked it's compact size and strong colours (for road maps), great greens and reds! It's a decent age too and the paper is good... and nice rounded corners. Anyway, it must have been about 50p (i just bought a bunch of little bits for £2). As i walked down the street I had a thought for a little slow running project. I'm going to pick random pages and then head to google for any interesting characters, stories, places related to each page. I'll then do a drawing and paste it onto it's page as a background/frame. 89 pages, i wonder if i can do them all? keep it as a full book. Otherwise i'll cut the pages out and frame them up. People/Places Characters/Stories... what can go wrong?

I found this hotel info in this page, so that's already an obvious staring point... what's it's history? Any interesting stories? was it haunted? is it still there? I could even be a simplistic as playing with a dolphin and anchor just as a pure image based starting point... a dolphin based guy with a hefty anchor tattoo, ruminating on his favourite Isle Of Wight drinking den? (one i have visited, to keep it more personal) See, these things just grow... you "gotta go in, to find out"!

Thought I'd just drop this character on to get a better feel for how it could be. He's an early sketch for a different project titled HOME, working through what the idea of "home" means to a variety of characters. So far i have a fox, pig, wet dog, mouse, gangsta rapper, lonely old man, maggot, sword swallower and even a mezcal worm!... why not?

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