Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Well, they're not going to win any design awards, but they'll do a job. I just bashed these out and started putting them out there. Surprisingly of the 4 i've put out so far, 3 are still up. I think that one was just your common drunkard trashing! Anyway, it was something. Got to try and get local people to think and perhaps take back bits of their own community. Got to do something to finally reduce the amount of dog shit on our streets (which happens to be next to a primary school, which makes it even more maddening!). I added the #loveyourstreet just to make it look a bit more like an active anti-dog-poo campaign and not just me putting up a few doodles! #youforgotyourshit 


  1. Love these, need some for our street. Fancy a partner for lamp post duty?

  2. Yeah mate. Rolling them out across St Lens keep your peepers peeled. Need some bag pipes in conjunction... belt and braces.