Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Taking To The Streets

I promised I'd try and do something about the amount of dog crap on our local streets at the start of this year. I haven't. I had ideas, but got stopped by all the practical issues. I was focusing on pavement presence, but that's very tricky... it's not a substance that's easy to interact with!

Anyway, i was walking to the studio the other day when i saw these simple signs down one street. Probably just one individual who has also had enough. Councils and whole communities seem to have just accepted it, given up and just resigned themselves to shitness. These basic signs caught my eye though, it felt like it was community endorsed, just because there were a couple along the street. I thought it must make any dog walker think twice about not picking up any crap, they would know someone cared, they might even be watching. I don't think it takes much. It just takes a unified community. If no one accepts it then i'm pretty sure it would reduce dramatically, but if they think no one cares, then why pick it up?

Then the next day i saw this little flag on the ground. It made me smile because a couple of weeks ago i had stuck the yellow one below into a small pile of crap at the same place. They'd obviously seen it and were inspired to make their own! I have a comrade on this street. It's also made me re-think using these little post it note and lollipop stick flags. 

I know, not the cleverest slogan! but every time i'd see my scribble i'd smile.
I like it's bluntness, it's so basic it works. It has a ring to it.
I could see it catching on, so feel free to use it in your neighbourhood!

So i'm in my beta-testing mode. I decided to stop thinking, searching for a perfect solution and just start trialling things on the street. See what sticks. I know there's another street that has a sympathetic soul on it, so I thought i'd follow their lead and knock out a quick set of signs i could laminate and fix up along our street. So that's what i did and i'll post about those next.


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