Friday, 13 March 2015

I Made Butter!

... In a jar!!

Thought i'd see if it was true, could it really be that easy, just a bit of agitation? It was.
I just put some thick double cream in a jar and shook it for about five minutes. First it just thickens, then it goes to that kind of clotted cream and stays that way almost unmovingly so. I stopped for a bit and wondered if it could go anywhere else, then picked it up gave it a few more vigorous shakes and then liquid appeared. Liquid and a hardening, slighly yellowing mass, slooshing and thudding around eachother.... Butter!!... and i'm presuming, butter milk.

Just like that, cream to butter. Give it a go just for the experience. How have we lost touch so badly with these simple components of everyday life. Just so detached.

Sauerkraut and now butter, have really helped me wake up to how much stuff we can simply make. It's like magic, alchemy and i love it. I was looking at water kefir today, but i'm put off by the amount of sugar involved in making it.

I'm going to spend the rest of the year exploring other new things to make and ferment.

Butter!! Ha.


  1. We got in water kefir kits at the store this week and new kombucha starters. I love making kombucha, like you said, I think its the alchemy that draws me in. Also making yogurt is fun. I'll have to try the butter, I have my grandmothers butter churn, now wouldn't that be amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. have you ever strained yoghurt through muslin to make cream cheese? You should try that too! Just suspend the muslin from a wooden spoon, or something, over a bowl. Next day you'll have the soft cheese and a bowl of whey, which you can use for lots of healthy stuff. Who knew? no more Philadelphia!

  3. Gah! i just wrote a long reply and i've just lost it! Anyway Tracey that would be amazing! Throw no more cream away (not that that happens much once open!). Great water kefir recipe at a great blog. Chocolate/vanilla. Do the cream in a jar first because it's nice to be able to see it and feel it so directly, but the churn sounds great to get back into action! Butter!!