Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Nearly Time

Thought I'd just remind you of The Blue Peter Book Award again. Not long now until we'll know who the children voted for (please be us... please be us!). You can find out on Blue Peter, Thursday 5th at 5.30-6pm on CBBC.

Anyway regardless of who eventually wins they're all great books that kids should go and read. Books themselves are the real winners here and anything that can encourage our children to read and enjoy books should be applauded!

Here are the three books from the Booktrust website:


Jenny Broom
Illustrated by Katie Scott

Shortlisted, Blue Peter Book Awards

Take a leisurely wander through a marvellous museum of animals with this book endorsed by the Natural History Museum. There are more than 160 different animal specimens to discover in its pages, which are laid out in the style of carefully curated museum exhibits.
Publisher: Big Picture Press

Corpse Talk: Season 1

Adam Murphy

Shortlisted, Blue Peter Book Awards

Corpse Talk, the 'show that brings the dead famous to life' is a comic style history book that introduces the reader to historical figures. Acting as the interviewer, artist and writer Adam Murphy digs up the bodies of famous people from the past, and interviews them in a talk show style. He asks both about what they are famous for and also how they died. The comic illustrations show Adam interviewing the dead as well as snippets from when they were alive, showcasing the moments that they are known for.
Publisher: David Fickling Books

The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff

Andy Seed
Illustrated by Scott Garrett

Shortlisted, Blue Peter Book Awards

Ever wanted to know what kind of animal an aye-aye is? Or how much gravy the boot of a Mini Cooper Convertible can hold? What about which country's residents dine on maggot cheese? You can find out all the silly things you could ever want to know in The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff.
Publisher: Bloomsbury


  1. Well, theres a fart on the cover, you are sure to win! Kids love fart jokes more than candy :)

  2. It was a stealth move on our fart! ... I mean part. Know your audience I say ;-)