Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Doctor Scott's Magic Hiccup Cure

Just thought i'd shove this in to break up the usual illustration/pottery mix. I had hiccups the other day and yes, too many beers was the cause. I couldn't stop, then i remembered the 'Money Cure'. I said to Jakki "just give me some money"( i know, it's weird that way round)  She had no idea what i was on about. Then i explained that you offer to give the person some cash if they can hiccup again. "whaaat?? oh that's insane!" she said, or something like that. Anyway she went and rustled up 80p, put it down and made the offer.... I couldn't produce another hiccup. It worked again.... and man, i wanted that 80p!!


  1. I shall try it next time N gets the hiccups

  2. Give it a go, you might want to say "the one after the next one", sometimes one is on the borderline and sneaks out. Don't want you guys fighting over money!