Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prints cont.

I have a confession to make... one of the ideas on the previous post, 'Rigortortoise', was actually Jakki's idea. A long time ago i used to do a regular single panel "cartoon" for the Independent Newspaper's Sunday's Review section, titled 'Parallel Universe'. It was a fantastic job, i could basically come up with what ever i liked and i produced about 220 of them before time was called on it, during a redesign. The spot shrunk in size and was given to John Callahan, which was frustrating, but i liked Callahan's dark humour, so it was kind of OK with me ( He sadly passed away last year, i'm sure he would have made a good joke of that). I had taken my turn after David Shrigley and Peter Blevgad before (or so i believe) which in itself felt like quite an honour. Anyway, back to my point, ocassionally i'd be a bit stuck for an idea and Jakki came up with 'Rigortortoise', she knows how my mind works!... perfect. I can't find the original piece, so i've put another of my favourites from the series and you can see more on my website (which i promise i will sort out this year). They were all drawn with a 2B pencil on sugar paper, with water colours and white gouache for a bit of punch and sparkle.


  1. That's great! Just looked up Callahan, very cool stuff. Made me laugh for sure.
    Loved the images you sent me in that last email. Wow!! I gotta sit down and practice my drawing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. These blogs are good for inspiration! get that tablet working hard, it's a great way to practice and you can always undo mistakes. There's some things computers are good for! Thanks for checking in as always Ron.
    I wouldn't mind your kiln shed!... i could just about fit that in my garden.
    Nice set up you've got there.