Monday, 21 February 2011


Here are a few sketches for prints, promo etc, I'm not quite sure yet. some are old drawings, scribbles etc that i figure i haven't made work hard enough for me! I'm just sketching them out to get a feel and try colours. They're mostly tiny little drawings, 2cm x 3cm that i've scanned and enlarged, i quite like the chunky line, so my next phase will only involve redrawing with a bit more clarity, still small. I blasted through them with an aim of 50 images which i achieved in just over 2 days (well, 3 days, but i've had proper work to fit in!). I like this working method, just being quite direct and simple. Less is more!


  1. Hey Scott. I've been a bit slack visiting the blogs. It's good to catch up here. Love these sketches!!! Make me smile this morning.

  2. Cheers Ron. Always good to get a smile. I'll stick some more of them up soon. I really want to put pots up here, but then i get a 2D surge... i've been drawing them though.. to come soon... fake slipware harvest jugs.
    Got to sort out my making and get back on track!!!