Friday, 6 May 2011

My Royal Wedding Pot

Just for me, front and back. It's rough, but i like it. Based on some of the old 'rustic' tobacco jars in Hastings Museum. Here's a nice one in the Burton Gallery/Museum. I know there's a quite a bit of snobbery about "rustic ware", but i'm ignorant and a sucker for them!.. and it has a long tradition in this town, becoming a speciality of one, John Pelling (Silverhill Pottery, or Tivoli Works), who married the pottery owner's daughter, Polly Tree, so fittingly developed a line of rustic style ware, with it's bark design ( can't find any pictures mind you, so it could all be lies!) I'm also a bit of a faux bois fan, so sadly you can probably expect more of this low grade work! Oh, and there were very obvious slip problems, but it kind of didn't matter... well, not to me!

A pic from Hastings Museum lovely slipware collection, showing one tobacco jar. Lot's of inlaid slip pieces and big cisterns etc. I'll post a few more pics sometime.


  1. Scott, I don't think this piece is rough at all. You seem to be a natural for scraffito and this is a really cool piece! You are going to make some very nice pots, dude!

  2. Hell yeah, rock on Scott. Dem's wicked!