Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sgraffito Face Pot

I've started!!.. just a couple of pictures from my first messing with clay and slip. Learning valuable lessons already. Need to understand and get a feel for the drying rates and also my slip needs thinning down! ( you won't need me to point out the big bit of slip missing, so i made a feature of it, you can see it in the bottom pic) I've worked on them all at the bone dry stage, as it seems easier for me when i can't guarantee when i can find the time. Ideally i think i should work on them a bit prior. Still, I'm still happy to work if i can make any kind of mark. All you potters out there don't need to tell me about the basic form!! This bottle has just been simply coiled, I've made a flat side bottle form from slabs, which I'm still scratching away at. I really wasn't going to put any pictures up until i found my feet a bit more, but where's the fun in that!!!
Spirit not Perfection, is what i say. It's an interesting point, which seems to be popping up a bit recently, skill/technique v's character/voice. There was an interesting bit about it on the Svend Bayer clip. I'm trying to learn enough skill/technique for my pots and trying to forget a lifetime of it in my illustration! That's my world right now. Anyway, hopefully I'll have more bits soon, want to make some flat plate/dish forms and some simpler cylindrical bits to try out my slip on... and towards working with some black slip too.


  1. I really love this jug! You are going to be just fine with clay!

  2. Tracey, you are very kind (and maybe a little bit too generous!). I was glad to see you guys were ok, after a near miss with that tree. It does bring it all back into perspective. Thanks for checking in. I'm going to need real potters advice in the coming months!!!

  3. Woo Whooo Way to go!! Looks great Scott! Just now getting to check in here. Love the Guilty pieces and Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Nice cake. We had a great time here recently with visiting potters Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew. They were a blast. Hopefully I'll be heading over your way next year sometime to do a workshop or two.
    Keep on making and scratching. Look forward to more. Best,