Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Slip Bear

I was working on this fellow last week and scratched him up good last night. For all you non-potters out there, this is not the finished thing! He will need to be fired, then glazed and fired again and everything will change, hopefully in a good way... but it could also just not make it through to the other side! I'm prepared for that, i am still just testing things out and although it may seem like i'm putting a lot of work in, I'm fully prepared for none of them to make it. It's a learning curve and i'd prefer to learn in real time, with real mistakes. I was also working on a Sussex piggy bank, which was looking nice until i gave him a wade in some brown slip and his leg fell off the next time i picked him up! Hey-ho all part of the process, though that's not quite how it came out of my mouth at the time!!! I still haven't found a way to get them fired down here in Hastings yet, but i'm spreading the word. Still looking for that wheel too. I don't have a piece of 'pottery' yet... just a growing collection of 'dry clay' in various shapes!
I was looking at Doug's post, of his collaboration with Andrew Grundon, with envy today. Oh, to get to decorate a nice big pot that has just the right slip on it. I like the doing-it-all-myself bit, but couldn't help wishing i was capable right now! I really need to get over to Evesham and see my mate Matt. I know he'd sort me out. I wish i had a few more potter contacts down here, god bless these blogs or i would feel like i was venturing alone. Anyway, i feel i'm moving forward. I'll get there.... eventually.


  1. Scott, you are a bloody genius. I love this guy. Totally superb Garrett illustration but also something new and unique and unknown. Sir, I salute you!

  2. What a great piece. I can't wait to see it fired.

  3. You folks are so kind. Wait until i show you the final piles of shards though!! Be more than i could wish for if these make it through in one piece. It's certainly a big learning curve, but i'm glad i found clay... just don't know how it took me so long!
    Appreciate the support though. Eventually i will ask you all to be critical!