Friday, 17 June 2011

Black Slip, Sprigs, Face Jug

This is the 'Beast' I've been working on.... yep, i've literally thrown everything at it to see what sticks!
My earlier post had shown what was going to be thrown into the mix. I'm happy with it so far, i know it's not conventionally beautiful, but it works for me. I wanted a dark pot, so knew my white slip wasn't going to do it this time. Had to mix my first batch of black slip (thanks Matt) and it got me playing around making little stamps for the pellets of clay. They're quite meaty sprigs! I've learnt how little clay you really need for each one, but i wanted them quite 'significant', like the lumps on the Jim McDowell pot. I also did a bit of plaster carving to create the little face on his cheeks, like you get on Bellarmines (or Bartmanns). I wanted to do more of these and get them a bit more complex and refined. I just sponged the white slip on for teeth and when it dries i will scratch the lips through to the clay to tidy them up and add another level of colour. I'm now chasing up a few leads to try and figure out some way to get these things fired, glazed and fired again. I need to see a 'real' pot now. Time to see how they all work out, then i can think about where to take it. I want to do a black slip sgraffito pot next i think.


  1. Great stuff, I really like the dark colour of the clay.

    The things on his face remind me of mini pizzas...but not in that mean, horrible acne, "Pizza-face" kind of way.

  2. Hey Brandon, be prepared for the final outcome on this one! i think it'll be a bit more drastic than the other ones. Should turn a good black once glazed and fired, be interesting to see how the bits of white come out.

  3. Hey Scott

    This looks amazing (a-may-zing!). I shall certainly be buying from you when you 'go commercial'. I absolutely adore the way you have combined two excellent disciplines and created summit totally unique. Great humour but so beautiful too.