Monday, 13 June 2011

Making Sense

I stumbled across this fantastic jug in the V&A last week. I haven't been there for years, what an amazing museum that is. The ceramics section blew my mind, so many amazing pots. I could feel the anxiety kick in as the overload of pots sank in, i knew i was going to miss something great and that i was probably walking past stuff that in years to come i'll be obsessing over.. arghhhhh! I always get the same feeling in libraries too, so much information and stuff you'll never see, or find. Deep Breath... Anyway, this pot, that was in some other section of the museum, really struck a cord. It was an old heavily sprigged jug, great size and shape, and it was a face jug! perfect. The teeth, which my photo doesn't show too well, was just some slip which had the teeth drawn through. I've got to try some sprigged pellets now. It really helped join up the dots for me. Below is a Burlon Craig face jug and a Jim McDowell face jug with little clay pellets, both from America... and below them are some sprigged pots of Matt's, great potter that he is ( and thanks to his little videos i've seen him apply the sprigs). Hopefully I'll get started on a few bits this week, if i have any energy or time once the kids have gone to bed!

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