Friday, 10 June 2011

Sgraffito Hair

Can you tell i enjoyed doing this?!... I'd wanted to do some mad stringy hair for a while and this jug was the perfect opportunity. It was a good practice piece and saw my first spout, pulled handle and thumb stop. Get me. I know i don't know what came over me, suddenly i believed i could do stuff, imagine.
This little mug was a bit of a test piece for the hair concept.


  1. The hair looks great, especially contrasted against the mainly empty areas. Must have taken a while.

  2. Scott, these are fantastic!! Absolutely you can "do stuff" !!!!!

  3. It really didn't take that long Brandon once i got into my stride. It's very loosely-organised chaos.
    Thanks Tracey, it's good to hear from you... don't take too much of a time out! Enjoy the time you do take though.

    I really need to get these pots fired now... my blog's filling with dusty dry pots.. i need a bit of depth and shine in my life!!!

  4. Amazing! Enjoying yourself?!! x