Friday, 17 February 2012

Sgraffito Fish Bowl!

It's pottery!!!... I'd really lost my clay spirit recently. Struggling to get 2012 going, just about keeping up. I'd made a couple of things, but wasn't really feeling it. Had another collapsed slipped pot, but that was due to the slip thickening up and me not really paying attention!. Time just seems to fly by ... family time, career time, other experimental work etc, left very little time for the clay. I did start this fish bowl though. Now i made a right mess of building it, so I'll be amazed if it makes it to a finished pot, but it's acting as a useful prototype. The slip is still a bit thick, but i know if i get it right and sgraffito when the slip is still damp i will be able to get more detail and an extra layer of depth. I'm obviously intending to make more of these. I'll probably make simple deco ones and the occasional detailed one. I know how i can make them better now. Some may remember a doodle of a fish bowl i posted way back, well it's taken a while but i got here in the end! Still got a bit more work to do on it, but it's shaping up. Obviously it's not for actually keeping fish in! though i do like the idea of a pottery fish bowl... why spoil them with a view?!!

I also knocked this little chap up, with an unresolved cylinder. Thought I'd make a pen/pencil holder, with a couple of holes in it to poke a couple through his head. Fill him with lead!

Hopefully I'll have more pots soon. I've just been away from it for a while, but i know once i plunge back into it I'll be alright. I also, finally, have an offer of help to get me up to speed with firing this kiln that's been taunting me from the other side of the room... along with my wheels! better take that plunge and put in the hours... maybe you won't be seeing any pots from me in a while, just a pile of trashed clay!


  1. You and clay are a match made in heaven, dude! You were MEANT to do this. The time will be right one day, the stars will line up just right and you will be rocking the clay world! This fish bowl is the very coolest thing :)

  2. Thanks Tracey! you always leave me the kindest words of encouragement, even though you have so much going on, you always find the time... and all that new inspiration that came in those bags!!! Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up. Been thinking about you and your recent 'holding back' posts, I've had a pretty good idea of what might be adding to that!!! ha!
    It would be wishful thinking that this bowl will survive, but i just keep wishing i could throw a nice bulbous shape... and we know there's only one way to achieve that... hit the wheel and put in the hours! It's a good goal. Here's to those stars lining up!!

  3. Scott, the fish bowl is so cool. Great idea. I agree with Tracey, you're a natural. Just got to get on with some making, you've got the deco part down. (Just the opposite for me). Hey, we all have our challenges and that's what keeps us going.

    I'm going to send you an email on how to update my info in your blog roll. Later, Ron

  4. Scott, I don't leave gratuitous comments, I'm serious! I went to Penland a couple of years ago with the goal of throwing 10 lbs of clay. I could only throw about 5 when I got there. I sat at the wheel from 8am-8pm every day for one week, ate lunch and dinner, no breaks, and at the end of that week I could throw 12 lbs. You just gotta do the work! But you have the creative spirit and talent to make some very original work, that is until somebody realizes how good it is and how successful you are and then the fuckers will rip you off, oh wait, nevermind :)

  5. What a great fish bowl, such personality.

  6. fabulous Garrett! love the humor you bring to your work.. "why spoil them with the view?" - HA. that cracked me up!

  7. Thanks again ladies.. sorry... and Ron, though i have seen that pic of you in the frock Ron!
    Tracey, I do need that kind of 8am-8pm thing. I normally get where i want to, but I can take my sweet time! 90% useless, 10% ruthless!! or something like that.
    Linda, thanks again for your comments...I've no idea where the personality comes from.. honest! least i can pretend online!
    Laura, i like the energy you bring.. and kinda like the 'Garrett' thing too, it seems your not alone these days!
    Right this week I'm on that wheel and wrecking clay!!
    As for the fish, why bother? they only forget the view you give them anyway!

  8. How did fish bowl turn out? I guess that is just the 1st firing?

  9. It's still sitting on a shelf in that same unfired state Ivan. My clay world is paralysed. Can't find the help i need to take it forward. Going to start making again real soon though and hope the Universe sorts the rest out for me!