Monday, 6 February 2012

While You Wait...

A little blast from a few years back now, but it still makes me smile and the tune is catchy as hell, can't stop it coming out of my mouth. I like how Will Oldham ( Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) has gotten himself in it. There's quite some contrast between his music and Kanye's! Anyway, I've got lots i want to blog about, but never those moments to put it all together. I even started on twitter, never thought i'd say those words! I like seeing what others are up to, interesting stuff, but again I just haven't got into the tweeting yet. If you ever feel the inclination I'm @garrettworld. I've been pretty focused on a set of book jackets I'm working on and also trying to power forwards with the animation. Getting lots of that sorted and trying to finish writing the dialogue.
Just going to run through what i hope to get to as to remind myself. Notebook interiors, sketchbooks, new studio, slipware fishbowl, Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder, animation etc etc etc.

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