Monday, 27 February 2012

Modern Life

My World has been consumed by moving studio and fixing the car/not fixing the car. Oh, and throwing a few very uneven pots ( i haven't even had the kind of headspace to give that much thought). I'm supposed to be delivering book cover artwork to a publisher (If you read this Jack, I'll be back on the case tomorrow.. after moving a few more bits in to my new studio space.) Also, like a mad man, I decided this was a good time to start exploring Pinterest! I like it, but as with most of these things, don't like a lot of what's on them. If you do have interesting stuff on there please follow me, or something like that, it's on my side bar now, so i won't bother linking to it. However, if you collect glossy pictures of expensive cars and only wish you could recreate them with an airbrush and some other gadgety nonsense then please stay well away. I feel the same way about Twitter, which i was willing to give a shot, in this year of 'exploration'. I follow hardly anyone(for good reason), but I'm still on the verge of a minor cull! Yes, I find a lot of interesting stuff and a lot of relevant stuff (i know, i actually quite like twitter! I get the 'mini blogness' of it, for the things in between posts that you wouldn't normally get around to actually blogging, but can now put out there. However, the aggressive mass daily tweeting kind of pollutes it all, there's no point doing that...edit...edit! surely 5 a day is already excessive, why go over 10??? Why??? I think Twitter's creator has said something similar lately, it's not what it was for. Put it down occasionally, walk away, see how there's not a massive void in your life. Now come back and use it like a tool ( in using it as a tool, not using it like you're a tool... which kinda could apply!)
Anyway, that's the kind of mess I've got myself in to. Ha! I've also been realising the number of unresolved problems around the house... highlighted by my anxiety on getting the car fixed... and dealing with the whole garage/mechanic thing! I have a radiator that drips into a jar, while i try and watch TV(No, i don't have the car in the lounge.. it's a central heating kind of radiator!). I have a fresh hole in a bedroom door, where i had to take a jigsaw to it to remove a stairgate that was propped behind it, but had fallen and wedged the door shut. I still have a 5ft hole in my bedroom ceiling, from a leak that soaked the old inch thick plaster, which came down one night missing me in bed by about 12 inches! It was like a solid door being dropped from about 9 ft... and the hole was temporarily patched with polystyrene, that was over 2 years ago. There's a main light in a spare room that hasn't worked for even longer! I'm sure there's even more stuff than that. My house is starting to become a monument to one man's uselessness!! just as well i can make stuff, cos i sure as hell can't fix anything. Oh boy. Well, that's where I'm at, aren't you glad you checked in now. HELP!! : )


  1. Scott, this made me laugh. I could not for the life of me figure out the part about the radiator dripping in the jar while you were watching tv. I was thinking about the radiator on your car!!!! I had to read that 3 times before I realized you meant a radiator in your house. Ha!

    The 5ft hole in the ceiling sounds problematic too! Oh, I can just envision it.

    Thanks for sharing all that. I tend to let things go as long as possible or at least until Sarah threatens to call someone and actually spend money on getting it repaired.

    Have a good rest of the week.

  2. Less twitting more pot making, I predict you could be a better potter than a twitterer :)

  3. I enjoyed your post about your radiator travails and also your dalliances with web 2.0.
    I'm particularly glad to hear your cover artwork for the publisher will be delivered soon!

    Jack (The Publisher)

  4. Hey folks. I wondered if the radiator would confuse!
    Ron, I am just terrible at getting things fixed. Jakki assumes I know more than her, just because I'm a man! you'd think she would have learnt by now! (not that I'm not a man!)

    Tracey, you're right. However, whenever I'm browsing twitter, I'm down the studio and so couldn't make any pots anyway., so i feel a little less guilty.... but then i should be getting on with the artwork for Jack!!! sorry Jack.

  5. All I would say is...One thing at a time, dude. One thing at a time. There's always Booker and Best.