Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Out With The Old

 Remember my lovely studio?

Well, now it's like this : (

I am now fully in my new studio, although far from settled in. I hate this part of moving anywhere, the bit where it takes you a while to find a natural place for everything and also finding the best way of working within it. I'm already having an issue with the lack of worktop in front of my mac. I'm used to doing most of my drawing in front of the screen and now I'm having to move away to draw, bah! I'll figure it all out in the next couple of weeks, but it's leaving me feeling unsettled. Which is how I've been feeling all year so far. 2012, is just not happening for me yet. I just can't find any kind of 'flow'. I always have a fairly rough January, but this is starting to drag on now. To add to it all, I've had to move quite a bit of my stuff home from the old studio. It now sits all over my work room, so not much happening in the world of pots either. I need to get over this hump soon! Bah.
Here's a link to some lovely pictures and an article on the building our new studio is in. It's a magnificent building, just off the seafront here in Hastings. It housed the printworks for the local paper many years ago. This isn't a history blog, so i can be bothered to find dates etc!... it just was! The whole area around us is developing nicely. We even have a public library that is actually expanding rather than closing!! That's why we were kicked out of the old studio, as the building is now going to become part of the library. We are now in the building the other side of the library. This one.

studio before occupation

It's a great old industrial space
I'll stick a pic up of the space in action, once i get settled in. It's a nice space with a good vibe.


  1. Looks like a space with some good art energy to me! Is that a kiln I see, hmmmmmm :)
    I'm in a funk too, what is up with that!?

  2. Wow, it's weird to see your old space all empty. It really looked looked warm and comfortable in that first image.
    Good luck in that new space. Yes, I see what may be a kiln!

  3. Hi Guys.
    Yes that is a kiln! There are two now, but one needs a fix. I have permission to use them too! I need to pick Lorna's(building owner) brain about pots, she's a potter amongst many other things.
    It was weird to look into my empty old space, i only remembered at the last minute to take a pic.
    .. and Tracey what is it with this funk?? and what's going to shift it? I'm hoping for some sunshine and a small miracle or a lottery win... if only i did it!
    It'll have to be the usual and just work my way out of it. crap!

  4. Looks amazing! Hope you get settled quickly. x

  5. Good Space = Good Art. Nice One G1. I'll pop in for a cuppa when your settled.