Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lailey Bowls

I'm not sure how i came across this clip, or if i actually found Robin Wood's blog post first. Anyhow, i saw this just after Christmas and found it fascinating. i guess it's similar to pottery, with the wheel, throwing and turning. I have a real respect for craftsmen/women, this stuff is important. This is Robin recreating a set of four bowls out of one large piece of wood, called Lailey bowls, after George Lailey who mastered the skill. The last century seemed to be how far we could take everything, mass production etc and i think this century looks like we're starting to take it back, realising that too much was given up along the way. The technology is great and i don't know how our daily lives quite functioned without it, but somewhere along the way we also lost sight of the basic human touch. I guess technology and the internet is now helping us learn and share these ancient skills. Anyway take a trip over to Robin's blog it's full of interesting wooden things! Right, I'm off to get a pole lathe... anyone else coming?

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