Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fun Day With Students from LCC

That's me giving a masterclass in the top picture.
Bottom pic, on the left, Martin, Me, Tim. On the right, Peter and Chris.
All pics are courtesy of Martin O'Neill.

Several weeks ago we were asked by Martin, my good friend down here in Hastings, if the guys from our studio (Tim Marrs, Gary Neill, Chris Watson) would meet up with a batch of students from LCC and talk about the life of an Illustrator. We duly obliged and set up a meet in the function room of a nice, rough around the edges, bikers pub, the Carlisle. Martin was doing a joint day of talks etc, along with Peter Quinnell. It was a fine afternoon, overlooking the sea and lubricated with a few beers (i managed to spill a pint, all over one of my lovely Wish List posters!... a student now owns a rather crinkly, beer tainted poster). They were a great bunch and we went for some more beers and darts with a small group of them afterwards. Thanks to the tutors, Stuart Varley and Paul Bowman and all the students!
Which brings me to another trip to talk with more students. This time I'm off up to Lincoln on Thursday and staying over to go and spend a day with them on Friday. I studied there 20 years ago.. WOW! time sure does fly. I'm meeting up with two friends who studied there with me and we're going in as a group. Readers of this blog are probably familiar with Lydia's work and there will also be Simon.. a much more shrewd man than me! Looking forward to catching up with both and talking about the old days. Lincoln was a HND course when we were there, but now is a full on Degree course (Me and Lydia then went on to do the final two years on Kingston University's Illustration course... first class honours for us, of course!) Anyway looking forward to it, but I'm now madly trying to sort out a digital slideshow for it. I'll report back on it all on Monday... I must remember to take pictures.
Students, go easy on me!!


  1. Good to see you've been warming up!! I dug out some of my old work from Lincoln today! That should get a few laughs!

    See you soon!


  2. oh, what a great thing for you to do. I bet those students had such a good time. And to have it there in a pub, not some stuffy old boring room somewhere. Way to go. I hope the next one goes well. I'd have loved to be there.