Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lincoln Student Visit

Lincoln Cathedral, very impressive.
My trip up to my old stomping ground, Lincoln, was very enjoyable (who knows if the students felt the same way?!) The travelling i can do without though. It was over 5 hours on 4 different trains, i know that makes it a local trip for you folk Stateside!!) Anyway it was great to catch up with Lydia and Simon and go back 20 years. It was also good to catch up with my old tutor, Howard and more recent members of staff, Darren and Jamie. My slideshow just about held together, but i still felt i was jumping all over the place! It was really good seeing Simon and Lydia recap their last 20 years, i think me and Lydia just sat with our mouths agape as we watched Simon(Basher) take us through his impressive publishing empire! Once i get over the depression i'm sure it'll motivate me!! He's very modest about it all too, but i for one was seriously impressed. I could do with some of Simon's smarts. Lydia's talk was also mightily impressive with her 80 books or so in the bag.. i could see a few students jaws dropping over that too! A good time all in all and I even managed to sneak off to chat to a potter just around the corner from the illustration department. Andrew MacDonald, makes historical pots and has just opened a shop recently on Lincoln's Steep Hill. Go take a look the next time you're in Lincoln! I bought a nice bowl and a mug, I would have bought one of his nice big Medieval jugs, but didn't trust myself not to break it on the journey back!

Simon Coleman(AKA Basher), Howard and Lydia
group shot, they kept making me sit down for photos!


  1. Hello, I'm one of the second years at Lincoln and I'd like to thank you for the fantastic talk! I didn't get the chance to speak to you in person, mainly because I was intimidated/starstruck, however you like to put it, but it was great to hear about your career and I've been a fan of your work for a while anyway. Glad to hear you enjoyed Lincoln and thanks again!

  2. Hey Hayley. I think I picked you out of the crowd and I should have said 'hello'. You definitely should have come over to chat, i know we were guilty of talking amongst ourselves though. I don't really remember seeing you in the room after, or else I might have piped up. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Yeah I do regret not having a chat, but you guys definitely reassured us students that there is a career in this industry and that's always a good thing. I spent a long time looking at your sketchbooks in the room (which are fantastic) and I guess I was worried I'd say something stupid if I came over to talk. I've had enough experiences of embarrassing myself in front of people I admire unfortunately! Either way you've all really inspired me to push my work and for that I am grateful.

  4. I've seen Andrew's videos on YouTube. Cool that you got to meet him.

    Looks like the talk was a hit. I'm sure many went away feeling inspired just as Hayley did.
    Fun to see you all in the photo there.

  5. Hey Ron, it was good, but i was a bit rusty and a tad nervous.. it's been a while since i last did this kind of thing. I did say I wasn't going to put any pictures of myself on this blog and then i go and stick that up... go figure.

    Thanks Beth, that's very kind of you, i really appreciate that.

  6. Well it's good to see you actually exist in real life every now and then.

  7. Hi Scott, seems the sort of things I was going to say have been said already, particularly by Hayley. You did fantastically in your talk, and while I enjoyed all three of the talks I personally found yours the most inspiring. I was only vaguely aware of your work before so it was a lovely discovery trip and could have watched for so much longer.
    I also didn't get to talk to you, as I was a third year sneaking into the second year's talk because I had work that afternoon. I was pretty disappointed as would have liked to look through your sketchbooks but I probably wouldn't have had the guts to say anything to you anyway! Such a shame "real life" gets in the way sometimes.
    Anyway thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us and look forward to seeing what you get upto in the future (especially your pots!) =)

  8. Hey Sue
    Thanks for that... and weirdly I could have rambled on for longer, i barely touched on stuff and there was a lot i never even got to talking about!
    I would have never approached anyone when i was at college either. It's normally the ones that don't, that have the most interesting questions or things to say.. don't hold back, get in there. sorry you had to work in the afternoon. Next time! thanks for dropping me a line i appreciate it, we're still all insecure artists!!