Friday, 11 May 2012

Big Old Sussex Pottery Jug

I just found this in the Old Town and had to buy it. It's a little bit (quite a bit!) knackered, but what do i care! It's a pretty big jug, 12'' tall x11"wide, and it's very distinctively Sussex pottery, the clay is very iron rich and leaves little iron streaks, and the pot's a really rich dark colour. I'm very happy to have my hands on one of these, I've been eyeing similar pots in the museum for a few years now, but never got my hands on one. I've included one of Matt's fantastic cups (handleless mug) to give a better idea of size.. it's not a small cup either! Wish I knew what pottery it was from.


  1. Thanks Hannah... one of the nicest things was the £15 price tag... obviously not in an antique shop!! I'm enjoying your impressed dish experiment. I've wanted to try one for a while now... but let's just say I'm lacking certain skills!