Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My First T-Shirt Design!

How can that be?? It's the truth though, for some reason I have never had an image of mine on a T-shirt, surely they would be perfect for them? Apparently not... well, until now.... open the floodgates! Yes, if you want a T-shirt design call me... well, email.... I don't much like talking!
I got a call from Ty back in January asking if I would like to contribute a design as part of their new fashion label's first collection. Mercy & Wild are fusing fashion and charity into their brand, giving 25% of sales to a different charity with each collection. Go take a look at their site, you could even buy one of my tees! This collection is for  Dyslexia Action, a very noble cause and all the Tshirts reflect a different aspect of living with Dyslexia.



All together now

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