Tuesday, 8 May 2012

LOST- the working process

Thought I'd just show you the relatively simple process i go through, in this case for my LOST images i posted recently. I guess ideas come fairly well formed to me by now and often a sketchbook scribble won't be far off the end result. Here's a few of my little back pocket sketchbook pages.
... and here's how i worked them up. I sketch them out with a very feint pencil line, just to really give me a sense of form and then i draw over in ink, in this case it was a .3 and .1 drawing pen. As I mentioned before they are very small, these are A4 sheets of paper.

Then all I have to do is scan them, re-size them all onto A4 and do a minimal bit of cleaning up, or repairing any bits i drew wrong or that i drew a bit to be patched on later (nearly alway a hand or foot).
I hope that gives you a bit more insight into my general working methods.


  1. Thanks Scott. Cool to see where these start and what happens to get to the end result. I see an extra foot or two there.