Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Moving Experience

No, not that kind. Yep, I'm up and off again. This time over to St Leonards, where we've found a great new studio space with more room each and lots more natural light. The light has been a major issue for me, our 'old' studio was a great space, but the lack of daylight was getting to me. You know it's bad when you step outside in January (bear in mind it's the UK) and you are blinded by the sunlight. Yep, you heard right... blinded! The compromise on space finally wore me down too. When you're trying to be creative sometimes you just need to spread out! Well, i certainly do. I can't do it on a couple of desks. I'll stick a few picks of the new space up once it's up and running and i figure out a camera! I don't even have one on my phone at the moment as i'm using an old back up (and waiting to upgrade... what other companies make you wait to pay them more money, crazy contracts!!). Anyway, between moving studio and the mounting pile of work, I'm pretty busy! ... I have been having clay thoughts though... shhhh, don't tell anybody, i thought i quashed all speculation that i might actually make pots. I REALLY want to sort my glaze firing out, so i can actually start making proper pots. To say I've been frustrated is an understatement and I've been seriously thinking that it's just not going to happen. I still fill all my spare time following the clay world though and my brain's always got it ticking away (I cleaned up my space and tools last night, so somethings stirring) Sometimes, though, you just can't take things any further on your own and you need help. I just hate asking and taking up peoples time.... so i keep trying to figure it out myself and then lose heart. Hey Ho, pots, maybe, one day. I have to make this happen. Can I make this happen? Did i ever say i'm prone to uselessness? Oh....


  1. Potters are the most generous helpers out there, all ya gotta do is ask! Go on, ask!
    I know how you feel though, after my last go with a functional glaze disaster, I have all but given up, sticking with the oxides and Tera sig, my comfort zone....

  2. Hey Tracey. The frustrating thing is I have asked and reminded, so now it feels like i'm badgering them. It's weird down here, there are lots of clay folk... they offer in social situations and then you bump into them later on the street and they don't mention it, or even ask how it's going with the pots. I do wish I was Stateside! I can call on Matt, but he's a busy boy working full time at Winchcombe now. really I need someone in this town... and i'm just not connecting with them. Grrr! I shall fuck up another couple loads of pots and get some witness cones in, so i can figure out what's really happening in my kiln. I may have to start looking at other glazes. Ron's willing to help me out with one, but first i need to know more about the heatwork going on in my kiln. Being given that kiln is a blessing and a curse, a nice digitally controlled one might be next... or getting this one converted. I definitely need to keep practicing throwing though. I thought i was progressing, but then had a bad run of 6 and left it alone. I need to work through numbers and let it develop. I will. The kiln has just held me back, as there seems little point keep making if i can't fire anything. I even have very decent galleries waiting for me to have a saleable product.. Ha!! ; )