Friday, 14 June 2013

Face Jug Friday

Charles Lisk Face Jug

I'm super busy at the moment, in constant drawing mode. Quantity and quality! Clients in USA and Hong Kong make for a long working day, factoring in the wide range of time zones! I'm very fortunate to have so much work, so I'm not complaining... i just won't be making so many blog posts. Lots of drawing, i like drawing... but my clay world will have to wait.... again.


  1. My clay world is sitting and waiting too, I don't even know what it's waiting for,ha! At least you have other work to keep you busy and bring an income, I'm just playing....

  2. Hi Tracey! I wouldn't worry about it, sometimes we just need the time to play and wander. You still have great stuff to blog about. I'd love to know more about your paddling days.. a canoe post? I'm feeling like the slackest clay beginner, i know i'll get down to it.. eventually!!... but i'm not convincing anyone else of this ; ) meanwhile paid work piles up... which is refreshing after a pretty barren 2 years. Just do what feels right Tracey, that's always the best advice, not what you should or shouldn't be doing.