Thursday, 20 June 2013

More than just a clay video

Clayspace Co-op from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

Two posts in one day? I really should be working! Thanks to Ron who put this up on facebook. I wish i had a Clayspace. I love the intention and spirit of this little film and the artists involved. I really liked what Josh Copus had to say about how it was "... necessary to come back into smaller local communities and re-establish value systems that place more importance on small economies". Having said that, i still shop at supermarkets and buy cheap shit that breaks, i should be shot . I really need to change my approach to a lot of my life, my mind has changed, but my actions have yet to catch up (at least i know what i should be doing!).


  1. Oh to be yang again..... Ugh! Don't waste your years Scott!!

  2. Hey Tracey. What can i say, i guess i'm struggling with where i am and where my head is at... and so I'm wasting my years. It's tough, i don't function as a solo voice, where if i don't like something i can just do it. I need to fix that, i'm tied to too many things (even if mostly in my head). This struggle seems to be taking over my blog! I guess i could be wasting my years thinking/fretting about it , so should just carry on doing those things i think i should change. Is this a mid-life crisis??.... but the kind where you want the very opposite of a bright red Porsche?